Thursday, 26 May 2011

Guitars, picking your tone

I thought i'd do a quick post for a tip i've learned about selecting guitar tones. Its real simple - dont select your guitars in absenteeeeee of your track. I know this sounds like a no brainer but so many people fiddle with their amp settings to get a great tone coming out of it, the problem? They do it without ever considering how this will sound with other instruments and in a mix. As such when its put together with a mix where the kick wants the bass, the bass wants some more bass, the hats want hi's and the vocals want everything else, the tone ends up sounding weak or, usually, way too bassy. This normally creates huge amounts of mud in the lower ranges (200 - 400k).

The moral of the story is, that tone might sound great on its own but you only really care about what it sounds like in the context of a full track, so learn to weed out what I call "fudge". IE stuff that sounds great on its own and really thick and fudgy, but is really bad for you in terms of a healthy balanced mix.


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