Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The weakest link

So I was recording guitars last night and getting loads of riffs that I was really digging, but the big problem was that the guitar tone was total fudge ! It sounded dire and I couldnt figure out why. The first reaction in this situation is to look for gear fidelity etc and all the usual causes such as converters and whatnot. Then it hit me, I havn't changed the strings on this guitar in a LONG time. Could this be causing it ? Yep, also the fact that my guitar's action is so low that the strings are flopping around like crazy. Basically I had no resistance to my playing so I couldn't get any purchase on the strings for the harder sections of the track.

The reason i'm mentioning this is that as music makers, we are often angled towards blaming expensive gear for problems that can be solved much more cheaply or for free by looking at our source, in my case a guitar (And my playing !). A 10 bucks set of strings is a much nicer solution than upgrading my soundcard or the rest of my rig and in my case was much more responsible for the cause of the issues.

Peace out.....

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