Saturday, 27 February 2016

The "Small Mindless Task Backlog"

Ever had one of those days where you just can't face being creative? You just can't face doing music and you really just want to flop in a heap? For those days I keep what I call my "Small Mindless Task Backlog". This is basically a list of small, annoying, boring tasks that are just a drain on my creativity when I'm in the middle of a good place or a good creative mood. During that mood they slow me down but when i'm drained and I don't really have anything left in the tank they are perfect for keeping me moving. Often they are just small things but doing them gives me the feeling that I've moved forward, that I didn't do nothing and that I made an effort.

Some examples of the kind of things I keep in my backlog:
  • Trimming waveforms
  • Bouncing intensive processing to wave
  • Automating Volumes to ride vocals
  • Cutting masked frequencies
  • Setting up sessions for mastering or mixing
  • Colour coding tracks
  • Transferring audio between systems
  • Tabbing out parts
  • Writing down temp lyrics

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